Robotics in the 21st century: Challenges and Promises

International Workshop (funded by the Volkswagen Foundation and the HeKKSaGOn Network)

September 25th - September 28th 2016

Organizers and Program Committee (alphabetically):

Y. Aloimonois (Univerity of Maryland), M. Asada (Osaka University), T. Asfour (KIT, Co-chair), E. Badreddin (University Heidelberg), A. Billard (EPFL), O. Khatib (Standford Univerity), K. Kosuge (Tohoku University, Sendai), J.P. Laumound (LAAS), F. Matsuno (Kyoto University), K. Mombaur (University Heidelberg, Co-chair), C. Torras (CSIC), F. Wörgötter (University Göttingen, Chair)


...Follow up of the ACAT - Göttingen Sysmposium on The Semantics of Action, 2013




Robotics is a continuously growing field where basic research makes advances across a wide variety of subfields and where industrial demands massively drive the publicly most visible developments. As a consequence there is a strong need to take care of the heavily interdisciplinary character of this field and to find measures for better integration of the different contributing scientific areas.

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